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About Project Takara

To put it in words quickly this was an idea that sprung up in my mind a few tears back to create my own take on the 1970's Micronaut/Microman figures, Originally, I had intended to make these as 8" Mego dolls. But as time has gone on and I have worked on the designs and got around to building some prototypes of the Time Traveller (SEE ARCHIVE), I decided to alter the concept to make these characters as stop motion puppets, in my own odd style which resembles a cross between Wallace & Gromit and the Super Hero Showdown cartoon.

A Brief History of the Micronauts
Micronaut Time Traveller
Micronaut Acroyear
Micromaut Galactic Defender
Micronaut Pharoid
Micromaut Space Glider
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