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The First Prototype
This is the first attempt at a Time Traveller body, it was originally concieved as a mego custom. the body was an EMCE Star Trek Khan, that I got cheap in my loacal Forbidden Plant shop, this project was started about 8 years ago but got abbandoned (lost) during a house move. My intention once complete was to cast the body in clear resin and in a coloured resin to represent both versions.
The Second Prototype

The first task was to split the Body In half this is not too hard a task with a Doc Mego body as they are glued around the edges only. once I have the two halves I can make a JIG to hold the front half of the body, this serves two purposes, the first is to hold the body still while marking it up and also lets me have a set depth to cut too. The second reason is if I need to create a second one I can repeat the process exactly.


as you can see the jig is nothing fancy just some styrene sheet and strip nut it does it’s job.

Once marked out I can cut out the section that needs to be removed to accommodate the chest piece, this is done by using a saw and a sharp knife, now begins the process of making the back area of the body where the chest piece will sit, this is done with 1mm Sheet Styrene, cut to size then marked out using the body. The piece is then cut as close to the line as possible, they are then glued into place, I like to use Plasti-Weld glue for this as it is strong and cures in seconds, the panels are then sanded to the perfect fit

Ok next on the agenda was to begin to make the chest piece, the first step is to make the section that sits in the body I started off with some 6.4 by 6.4 mm Styrene Strip cut to length and glued together, these needed to be sanded in width to fit the cut out section, these are then marked for the shape and are sanded to fit, I use Tamyia’s P180 sandpaper for this job, once it is sanded down to the basic fit I clamp the part in place and sand it to the best fit for the body, This is a bit of a tricky job to get even due to the tapered curve.

next I mark a set of alignment morks on the chest piece to make it easy to put in the correct place from here on when it needs to be taken out.

That's all for the moment, I hope to get some more work done on it in the next few days and get the chest piece ready for the front plate to be built.

Learning Lessons

Well I decided yesterday to slip in an hour or two’s work on the good ol Micro dude in-between other projects for my upcoming site and magazine re-launch. It all started so well with fitting the strips of plastic to the chest piece insert to create the side “straps” all that was needed then was to heat them up and gently bend them over.

Well from there it went down hill I spent more time singing my fingers with the heat than the plastic, when I got it hot enough to be slighlty flopy I bent it to discover the top curve was too sharp and caused the top strip to split.

The lessons I learned from this? well one don’t use 2.5mm plastic strip for the side “straps” and looking back at it I had done the same thing on the prototype I built ages ago so I guess don’t be stupid and repeat past mistakesSmile well the upside is that plan B can now be put into effect, and with the procurment of some thinner strip styrene I can move on with the project on the weekend, I just hope it goes better or I’ll be running out of Alphabet in a hurry.


Back On Track

It’s take n me some time to get back on the project and to make a new post so I shall delay no Longer.  Well after the disaster of last week I took a few days to rethink how I was going to make the side panels for the chest piece, the idea I came up with was to add some 1.5mm styrene strip to the back of the piece to give it some extra thickness, then to build the side strips up in 3 layers of 0.8mm styrene strip.  I also opted to split the strips in half as opposed to the original where I laid one long strip across the front

At this point I decided that constructing a couple of secondary chest pieces might be a good Idea, I had originally intended to construct replicas of the versions used on the original Micronauts and on the Palisades reissues but recently I had re-thought that idea and decided to construct a single chest piece with the same styling as the originals a hybrid of the various ones that were available.

Originally I had the notion of casting these parts as a conversion kit and came up with the idea of creating a “blank” chest piece to fill the void so that anyone could create their own versions for the figure. I’m not sure if I will still be casting these parts but I decided to create a “blank” anyway just in case or if I wanted to make some different ones myself, I also set about making a third one to create a version of the more rounded one that came with the originals.

Well that's as far as I have gotten so far with the project, I’m hoping to get some time on it today to get at least one of the layers of styrene strip glued into shape on the back plate of the chest piece.



Well after a long struggle I managed to get the side “straps” on the chest piece done, well the first of three layers at any rate.  the strips were heated one at a time for several minuets then once soft were bent into shape and quickly glued down with Plastic-Weld glue, I used this particular glue as it dries very quickly and gives a strong bond, the moved on to the next strip until all four were glued into place.

well as you can see after a bit of sanding to get them to be lined up perfectly and keep the shape tight it has come off ok, now the next stage is too add the next 2 layers and cut the side “straps” to length, the repeat this for the next two chest piecesSad smile, then I can begin on the front parts of them. more progress and posts soon I hope

Getting there

Ok been a few days since I last posted any progress so here is a quick update on the progress.

well I have got the third layer of strip fitted to the model and have filled the front part of the chest piece ready for sanding to eliminate all the gaps where the strip was formed around the compound curve. and then used some squadron putty to fill the gap between the chest piece sides and the body for that “perfect” fit.

I left this for a few days to set up fully then removed it from the body to sand it smooth so that I can begin to make progress on the front piece ready for detail

ok well that's as far as I have gone at the moment due to needing to progress some other projects hopefully I will get some more pics of the progress on the front piece up on the weekend.

The Next Stage

Well with the main part of the chest piece done I decided it was time to start on the front plate of the chest piece I was originally going to create an exact replica of the original ones for this project but looking at how many different ones there were plus the ones from the palisades reissues

I decided to make a combined version of the ones I liked the best.

So I began construction on the plate as far as I was able till I came up with the perfect design.

Well with this in the design phase I decided to make some progress with the feet, I remembered these being quite simple but looking at some pics of them they were not as simple as I remembered.

ok well not so bad but it will still be a bit of a challenge to construct these. I had originally intended to make this as a mego doll, but working on some stop motion puppet kit ideas and other parts for that idea  I had considered turning the Micronaut into one of these to help show off the kits. I eventually settled on the notion of doing both versions of this since I had to cast the body in clear resin anywaySmile and looking at the pics there is no left or right foot at this point I would like to thank Starroid Raiders Dagon from the Mego Museum forum for his help with the pics and drawing of the feet which has been a great help

Will with this in hand I can begin to work on the feet more posts soon on the progress.


Making the Chest Piece Continued…… (Again!!!!!!!!)

Well realising the lack of dimensions on the feet were causing me issues I realised that I needed to return to the chest Part while I figured out how big the feet need to be so I finalised the two designs I liked and decided to start work on them

Well that's the rough layout on the two chest parts although deciding to make two front ones adds another back piece to make so more sanding and and shaping for me in my near futureSad smile but I think it will be much easier if I construct these side by side to speed up the construction processSmile I also had a great Idea to use a modified version of the back part of the chest piece to create a robot like design for Mego dollsSmile so stay tuned for a preview of that.

The Chest Piece Moving Along Again

Well I have finally Got Back around to working on the chest piece for a while to get some work done after wrestling with some extension cords and a wall that won’t co-operate with me I have managed to make a start on the front of the chest part so I thought since it had been a while since I have posted any progress I would show you the rough WIP pics that I have of it.

Well there you go Hope you like it any comments would be appreciated and I hope to have some more work done by the end of next week, See you in the Funny Pages

Chest Pains

Well I have been able to move along with my chest piece front as I have said I’m trying to design a sort of hybrid chest piece that is reminicesnt of the original ones. well here is the work so far and that grill inlay was a pain to line up and get to look right.

The grill needs sanding flat with the top if the angle pieces but it is getting there More updates soon

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Well I’m Finally making some real Progress on the chest Piece. Looking back at a Pic of the 3.75” figure I noticed that the lower abs area on it was flat so i decided to emulate that look and sand the area flat, at this point I added the last of the strips to the front of the chest piece and sanded it smooth.

the flattened abs helped enormously with the fit of the front and rear sections of the chest piece to the body, with this sorted I was able to join them together and add the side sections that fill in the gap between the front and rear pieces. next is the filling and sanding

And with that post the move was imminent and the project was left, untill the next few weeks as I set up the new workshop and restart the time traveller.

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