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Make : EDT-0R

Memory Capacity : 200,000 DB

( all Sci-Fi)

GeekBot was intended to be a highly sophisticated mobile library of all human knowledge unfortunately the was a bit of a mess up while he was being programmed and ended up as the world biggest sci-fi nerd, dumped on earth by his alien creators he did the only thing he knew how to do be a geek. It was from this that he decided to look for a job that he could do, sadly all he was qualified for was work as a librarian, sadly there are not many openings for sci-fi specialists in that field, so he decided to open Comics & Kits where he could find a place at home among all the nerd candy there.
Unfortunately the shop was lost shortly after its grand opening as the result of an ill-conceived and misguided experiment in temporal metaphysics and the store was spectacularly sucked into a sub-ethereal region of hyperspace, ironically enough with the last words of his shop assistant Timmy being “I don’t think we need any safety measures, what could possibly go wrong”, although this shop has been seen from time to time popping up near comic conventions around the universe it has a short window of opportunity to make any profit. Unable to sell his goods to people on a regular basis but still having a high speed internet connection he founded an online model magazine.
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