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Some Nice Tips To Help You Out Aa Well As Some Usefull Tools
Welcome to Psycho Styrene Modelling Magazine, The philosophy behind this publication was to fill in the gaps that are left by most of the print magazines that cater to modellers, Namely the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Modeller. Since the demise of SCI-FI & Fantasy modeller as a monthly publication, There has been a big gap for SCI-FI and Fantasy in Modelling so we founded Psycho Styrene Publications to Come out with this magazine.
 I’m hoping that we will be able to fill this publication with projects, for both the beginner and the more advanced modeller to try, hints and tips to help newbie modellers, as well as being a show case for your work. I am also hoping to see some out of the box builds/reviews to let other modellers know what great kits are out there currently, there will also be interviews with modellers, model companies and some pro model makers.
We are now entering a new Phase with the Magazine with the Start of volume 2, It has been a few years since we published an issue but I felt that it was something that was missing and as I was still selling Back Issues it seemed a Good Idea to re-start it we are also looking to create an ongoing series of How To books to go alongside the magazine.
OK that’s enough of me rambling on here if you have any questions or would like to contribute to this publication, feel free to contact us
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