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Here it is the 5th issue of Psycho Styrene ready to go out and it is packed with interviews, projects, showcases, kit reviews, how to guides and scratch build projects. All of this will be floating around in the electronic ether from the 30th of November and  Look out for the Decal/Graphics that we have included with this issue.
Robot Love – A custom working of the classic Robby Kit from Polar lights
Buffing Gold - A really cool How to From Travis who showed us how he made that cool Iron Man helmet last Issue
Jungle Fury – Brian Wilkinson Talks us through Building A 1/6th Dutch and Blain
Steam Punk Tricorder - A Scratch Built Victorian scanning device
Titan Find - an Interview with a model company  about their Blake’s 7 models
Making Graphics – a look at some of the basic techniques in this first of an ongoing series in creating your own graphics from the company that gave us the freebee this Issue
Resources - Our little guide to helping you out with a list of sites that supply models, materials, images, and plans.
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